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Zune-Online.com: Twitter Zune News by SMS Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Monday, 26 March 2007
TwitterSince today Zune-Online.com will be broadcasting the latest Zune News using the new Twitter platform on http://twitter.com/ZuneOnline . This means you can now receive your Zune News instantly on your Messenger or wherever you may be on your mobile phone via Text Messages (SMS). And its all free...

Twitter wants an answer to this simple question: "What are you doing?". The answer can be given many times a day, by anyone, anywhere, using the internet via a web browser or Instant Messaging and using a cell phone to reply with an SMS. The people who are interested in your answer, can become "followers" and receive an your answer as soon as you post it! The user can select which hours of the day it is allowed to be sent SMS, turn the notifications on or off and even send a private message to another user.

To be part of this is easy and you can register for free at twitter.com . When you register you can go to help.twitter.com to learn more. Below are the basics you need to know.

If not using your browser, you can use only IM but only a few networks for now, by adding the contact below on your list:

  • AIM - username: twitterim
  • GTalk - username: twitter@twitter.com
  • LiveJournal - username: twitter@twitter.com
  • .Mac (AIM) - username: twitterim

For SMS in USA the number to use is 40404.
Worldwide +447781488126 (in UK).

Be careful when you send SMS to the UK number, worldwide charges apply (can be twice the price of a normal message), check before sending if not in UK.

After verification (the service will guide you on), read some basic commands you can use with Twitter, sending it by IM or SMS:

help: get some instant help
On: this turns your text messages from Twitter on
Off: this turns your text messages from Twitter off
Follow: Write Follow ZuneOnline to start receiving Zune news.

"What is Zune-Online.com doing ?" The answer is only four letters: Zune :)

For your feedback and questions visit our forum thread about twitter

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 31 March 2007 )
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