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Issues with Zune 30 v2 Battery Life? Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Tuesday, 27 November 2007
Zune 30 Battery issues with v2 Firmware on some playersA few people on the official forums have issues with battery life after updating their Zune 30s to v2 Firmware. Zune doesn't charge correctly and although it says its fully charged after a few hours the battery dies. I don't think its a very common issue but if you have it see how you can try to fix it...



From DirtyDogStink (nice domain name!):

Here's the situation I found myself in.... I updated my Zune 30's firmware on release day (November 13th 2007) and was enjoying the new look and feel. After a few days of regular use I noticed the battery dying much faster than it had previously. Not sure what was going on I just kept charging and syncing it with my laptop.

Then the night before Thanksgiving I charged it all night long, knowing that I had 8 hours of driving to do in the next 48 hours [spent the holiday with my girlfriend and her family in Eastern Washington, a smashing good time other than my dead Zune] . Two hours into my drive the battery icon looked reasonable at mostly full.  Three hours into my drive it was suddenly at half charge.  Four hours it was barely registering.  Fifth hour...the exclamation point of death and I was pulling out CDs that I threw in "just in case."

I was pissed. mad Looking for a fix, I read the Zune forums and some mailing lists which lead me to this solution: Drain your Zune 30 completely of battery life until you get the exclamation point of death. Fully charge your Zune 30, overnight even. Reset it. You do this by simultaneously pressing UP on the directional pad and the BACK button.

This looks like a firmware issue on some Zune 30s. Zune doesn't charge correctly? Its a wrong indication? The hard-drive or another power intensive system stays on for longer as it should? I just hope its not that common and can get easily fixed the way described above.

forums.zune.net thread about this issue

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 27 November 2007 )
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