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Official Zune 2 Announcement: Price list Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Tuesday, 02 October 2007
Zune 2 Players officially announcedThis is it Microsoft announced the Price List. The new Zunes will be released in in mid-November. The 4 GB Zune will cost $149, the 8 GB will sell for $199 and the 80 GB model will cost $249 available as of mid-November. Wireless sync, DRM-free music and a new Zune Software re-designed from scratch. EDIT: Or not so official yet, but now we got the real photos! ...



EDIT2: The first Real Zune 2.0 photos probably accompanying the following press release.

EDIT1: The link is gone, I suppose because this has to be kept secret until the Microsoft Announcement in the Bellevue event in a few hours, but I'm sure we can count on it's validity:

From King5.com :


Microsoft showed off a black 80-gigabyte hard-drive model, slimmer than last year's 30 GB Zune, with a larger 3.2-inch screen. The company will also sell a smaller, flash memory-based Zune, similar in shape and size to the iPod Nano, in pink, green, black and red with 4 GB and 8 GB of storage.

Like the original Zune, the new models include an FM radio tuner and the ability to share songs with other Zune owners wirelessly.

This generation sports a new navigation button Microsoft calls the Zune Pad, and uses Wi-Fi to sync music, movies and photos wirelessly and automatically with users' home computers.

The new Zunes are set to go on sale in mid-November. The 4 GB Zune will cost $149, the 8 GB will sell for $199 and the 80 GB model will cost $249.


To get its first-generation Zunes to consumers quickly, Microsoft linked up with partners like Toshiba and MusicNet for the design of the device and the underlying software. This time, the company has bulked up its staff to include industrial designers, and rebuilt the software for the device and the computer from scratch. 

We still don't have real photos of the new Zunes. In the meantime use these Cardboard models photos 

[via Silicon Alley Insider ]

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 October 2007 )
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