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Online Multiplayer games for Zune Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Wednesday, 20 February 2008
Zauri Game running on ZuneXNA Game Studio platform will be supported on Zune with 1000 games available by the end of the year. Additionally online multiplayer games will be supported on Zune. According to ZunInsider, Microsoft won't change the orientation of Zune project to games (yet?) and is not announcing consumer availability for games, just the support of the platform on Zune...



From Kotaku (live blogging from the Microsoft GDC keynote today in San Fransisco) : 


Wouldn't it be great if you could take all of this content mobile.. What if you had a Zune wouldn't it be great if you could take those games with you on your Zune.

Well this year you can.

He's showing Zurai a Shump on the Zune. He's controlling the ship with the touch pad. Now he paused the game and pulled up a song to listen to from the Zune while playing the game. Neat integration.

That's only part of it, with XNA Game Studio you can build online multiplayer games for your Zune. You can take games from Windows to Xbox to Zune.

This year we compete the (XNA Studio) vision, we democratize game distribution.



From Arstechnica :

[...] the Zune will be entering the fray as new third pillar of XNA software support, with over 1,000 games for the device by year end. XNA software developed for the Xbox Live Arcade is now going to be opened to the public.

Microsoft showed off an XNA game running on a Zune during a keynote speech presented by vice president John Schappert. A top-scrolling space shooter was shown to be running on a PC, an Xbox 360, and lastly a Zune. In addition, Zune games will be multiplayer: users will be able to play against each other online. Games for the platform will be arriving this year alongside the launch of Xbox Live Community Games

The new XNA-oriented service Xbox Live Community Games allows select user-created software to be distributed through Xbox Live, effectively opening user-created games to the masses. Titles will be selected through a democratized game distribution system pulling on the Creator's Club user base. Members will be able to screen and vote on games, with those reaching a certain level of approval cleared and released. A handful of these games are now available for trial on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Creator's Club members are paying subscribers who have access to the XNA development platform. Much like the gamercard, a "creator card" will show what games specific creators have built. XNA is a suite of development software which Microsoft introduced in 2006. The suite allows developers to create projects that can easily be translated between the support platforms. Previously only the PC and the Xbox 360 were supported, but the Zune represents Microsoft's first significant step into the mobile gaming market.


Check also Zuneinsider's post about the XNA games on Zune.

Game Developers Conference

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 February 2008 )
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