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Orange Zune limited edition on Ebay Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Friday, 22 December 2006
After some Pinks, it looks like we have a limited edition Orange Zune out in the wild! No83 of 100 was on sale on eBay, but nobody was interested paying more than $750 to buy it...

Up for bids is a brand new, VERY RARE, limited edition ORANGE Zune. That's right! The ORANGE one! Several pink Zunes have shown up on Ebay but I have yet to see an orange one. The box has been opened. I couldn't resist and actually used the Zune. However, I was extremely careful with it. It will arrive to you as if it were never touched. I did use the 14 day Zune Pass trial but I do not think that is much of a big deal. I accept only Paypal and will ship only to a confirmed address. Shipping will be $20.00 via USPS Priority mail. Insurance is included.


Orange Zune on eBay


The Orange Zune was on an eBay auction for 24 hours Dec-19 to Dec-20. It got no bids, maybe because of its high starting price ($750) or because there was not enough time for people who might be interested to find out.

The seller on a note he added some hours before the end of the auction said that it will not be relisted in case it not bought by anyone. I'm sorry, you missed your chance!


Orange Zune on eBay


The Orange Zune came disguised as a White one: 

Orange Zune No83 on eBay

Check the Orange Zune No83 on eBay

[via Everything-Zune ]

Last Updated ( Friday, 22 December 2006 )
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