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Sync your Zune using 3rd party apps Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Monday, 21 January 2008
zLternator: sync Zune using 3rd party applicationsOne of the dreams of kids from the "dark side" of the Zune community was to sync Zune using 3rd party applications like Windows Media Player 11 or Winamp. Considering Zune Software v2 has much less advanced features than v1 PityOnU (CongratsToU for doing it!), a member of ZuneBoards, managed to "hijack" the sync connection and created zAlternator to enable the use of programs such as WMP11 and Winamp, to sync with Zune...



You are going to need to follow the hijacking procedure each time you use this tool. Its a fairly easy system, if you are really interested in using another applications besides Zune Software.

Fortunately for Microsoft and unfortunately for the rest of us, Zune team has done a very good work on protecting the handsakes with digital certificates and the protocol is not easy to be completely bypassed

From ZuneBoards :

Remember, unlock the Zune first if you want to sync to it in any program other than the Zune program.

Manual Unlocking:

It actually has nothing to do with manual labor (aka hardware modifications), so it does not void your warranty.

By default, the Zune can not be accessed by anything other than the Zune program. To get it to work in other programs we have to (at this point) manually unlock it. Here is how:

1. Start up the Zune program
2. Get media and start a sync to your Zune
3. When your Zune is displaying the "synconizing" screen, end the Zune process through Windows Task Manager
4. Fire up zAlternator and set Zune to use a different program

Download info here. (Registration needed)
Support thread here.


zAlternator is part of a larger "Zune hacking Suite", zSuite:

1 - Zune AutoPlay Support Patcher - causes the AutoPlay box to pop up when the Zune is connected
2 - Zune Guest Mode Disabler - disables guest syncing in the Zune program
3 - Zune Icon Changer - changes the default icon for your Zune (the suite comes with 11 icons you can choose from)
4 - Zune In Explorer Patcher - makes it so that your Zune appears in Windows Explorer
5 - Zune Marketplace Disabler -disables the marketplace in the Zune program
6 - Zune Multi-Extension Support Patcher - makes it so the Zune program will pick up and sync many more types of media
7 - Zune Service Provider Alternator - Allows you to SYNC THE ZUNE WITH WMP11!!!!! (I'm serious)
8 - Zune Skin Applier - applies custom skins to your Zune program (the suite comes with 9 skins)
Download zSuite from DarkZune here . (Registration needed)






Last Updated ( Saturday, 22 March 2008 )
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