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Take the first step: Linux on Zune Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Thursday, 28 December 2006
We already knew you can run Linux on Zune's processor. But Mys Videl took the first step!!! She says she's been working on it for some time now and finally did it, of course with problems...

Yes, I've been working on it for quite awhile and has a lot of bugs to work out and a lot of features to work out. It currently has to be booted while synced and has limited capability's but I've at least got it partway working. Hopefully I can get mine released before the competitors though.

A small step for Linux a big step for Zune :)

EDIT: Mys Videl has some more info to disclose about her effort: 

The way to boot it to the zune right now is very complicated, takes some time, and is risky if you don't know how to do it. I won't be releasing this until there is no risk to Zune users when they use Zune Linux. We are looking for graphics people who are willing to make logos and stuff for Zune Linux, we also will be looking for Beta Testers when it comes to that point. The Source will be released when the OS is released, so I don't get ripped for all my code before it is even released Smile. I'll give you a hint to what I used so you can look in to being able to make mods for it... DOS and nASM Smile. But I promise once it is released it will be open source so that everyone can modify it, but credit for base and kernel will have to go to me. The loader to boot a new OS on to your Zune however will not go open source.

Read more in Mys Videl's thread on ZuneBoards.

Linux on Zune

More info: Mac and Linux support for Zune.

EDIT1: Unfortunately the thread is no longer online on ZuneBoards. Everything you read here in italics was on that thread. I have no further information why this has gone offline.

EDIT2: ZuneBoards after supposing leak of a video showing linux booting up on Mys Videl's Zune (watch it here ), said this is not an authentic video. But the most interesting part is they claim for the first time that the "Zune Linux" project really exists:

All Mys Videl does for the Zune Linux is some heavy duty debugging. She does no programming. The programming part is up to her friends, who are also working on the Zune Linux. So please, stop bothering her about it. The Zune Linux will come someday, just please be patient. The ipod wasn't hacked in the first few months that it came out.

Read more

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 28 August 2007 )
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