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zSuite v2 Enhancement for Zune Released Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Saturday, 05 April 2008
zSuite v2zSuite is maybe the best effort to add new functionality and enhance the Zune Software experience. Coming not from Microsoft but directly from the Zune community, DarkZune.com, makes it more interesting to check out it's features: zAlternator, zThemer, zExplorer, zIconer. Congratulations to PityOnU and the other guys and gals who worked on this.  Notice, Microsoft doesn't provide any help or documentation on how to create stuff like this...



From DarkZune :

DarkZune's hack team leader PityOnU and the rest of the DarkZune staff and testers are proud to announce the release of zSuite 2.0 ( The hack allows users owning Microsoft Zune's with the most recent versions of the Zune software to enhance their Zune experience.
zSuite currently includes four functions built into the same program. These are zAlternator, zThemer, zIconer and zExplorer.
zSuite 2 features, unlike its predecessor, a GUI. This GUI is based off of the new Zune program from Microsoft! This program has won mass acclaim for the beauty of its user interface, so why shouldn't your hacking suite as well?
zSuite has gone through extensive beta testing to get to where it is today. It is coding using VB6, which guarantees it runs on almost every computer setup running the Zune Software, and is fully adaptable to a user's one-of-a-kind computer settings.
Here is the current included line-up of zSuite (to be improved overtime via forum updates):
Enable Zune users add their device and sync with WMP 11 and 10, iTunes (still alpha stage), MediaMonkey and many other media programs that function using the Generic WPD protocol. This still requires the Zune Software to be installed on the users computer to activate a sync (and unlock the device). Despite this, it greatly enhances the Zune, by allowing more in depth Meta capabilities and the ability to use Smart Playlists. 

zSuite 2 - zAlternator


A simple way to change your Zune Software's background without using patches or editing the software yourself. 

zSuite 2 - zThemer


Allowing you to use your Zune Device as a portable HD on computers that have the Zune Software and zSuite installed. The hack enables you to toggle whether you want your Zune to display as a portable hard drive in Windows Explorer (my computer etc), as well as letting you choose your AutoPlay support for Zune. 

zSuite 2 - zExplorer


A simple way to define an icon file for your Zune when using zExplorer. Custom icons for Zunes will be available via the DarkZune Forum. 

zSuite 2 - zIconer


As you can see from the screenshots, zSuite tries to look like the real Zune Software for your eyes' pleasure only:


zSuite 2 - Device Detection


 zSuite 2 - Aboute

[Thanks Aden]

zSuite v2 Home Page

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 05 April 2008 )
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