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Zune gets XNA based Games! Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Wednesday, 20 February 2008
Zune gets XNA Game Studio based Games!Christopher Satchell of Microsoft just announced on GDC keynote that XNA Game Studio games will be supported on Zune too as well as on PCs and Xbox 360s. Not much information are available about the timeframe of this currently. We'll get back when there are more information. Read below a part of his announcement ...







 From Joystiq (Live blogging from the event):


 11:02 am PT -- "Culture" features a lush 3D sphere world explored by a ball of light Free trials of these games are available on Xbox Live Marketplace "now," announces Satchell.
Zune gets XNA Game Studio games!
11:04 am PT -- "Democritizing" game development... there's that word again. We should ask our slave to tell us what it means. What if some of these games could be taken mobile? What if you had a Zune (what if indeed...)? XNA Game Studios titles on your Zune. Aha.

Zune gets XNA Game Studio games!Zune gets XNA Game Studio games!
11:05 am PT -- Satchell whips out a Zune (he actually has one) and selects "Zauri", a topdown shooter. It supports custom soundtracks too (what with it being an MP3 player and all). You can take a game from Windows, to Xbox, to Zune, explains Satchell. "We've more than delivered," says Satchell of Microsoft's original XNA vision.


[Thanks for the tip Mike]

More photos via Engadget

zune-games-big-01 zune-games-big-02 zune-games-big-03 zune-games-big-04 zune-games-big-05  

Game Developers Conference 

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