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Zune on Mac OS X and Linux Print E-mail
Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos   
Sunday, 26 November 2006
Have you tried connecting your Zune on a Mac ? A guy using the XNJB program tried it. Guess what: "Anyone got full Zune compatibility yet? I can only read the files but can't seem to transfer files on and off my Zune here."...

Zune uses MTP storage format. It is like the UMS used on USB memory sticks but its more sophisticated. This is the way Zune stores the track ratings, genres, artists etc listings. It also does bad things like DRM. Lets say its like a database and storage format mix.

When away from Microsoft's Windows, libmtp is one way to "contact" devices using it. libmtp is a free open source library that works on Mac OS X and Linux (it works on other OSes too). The XNJB program written by Richard Low for Mac OS X uses this library. But XNJB is written for the Creative Nomad player not for Zune.

A Mac user though tried it with Zune! Prince_Afie is wondering: "Anyone got full Zune compatibility yet? I can only read the files but can't seem to transfer files on and off my Zune here". And he becomes this Sunday's person!

So it looks like libmtp has partial support for Zune even right now. And it is used also on Linux programs like amaroK. We are in good way here, but people on the libmtp developing team could use some help on debugging. So Zune owners who use Mac and Linux systems, this is something you can do!

Linux and Mac users: Welcome to the Social!

Links: libmtp | XNJB | Amarok | Mac and Linux support for Zune.

EDIT2: We have also some Zune connected to a Mac iBook photos.

EDIT1: Erica Sadun has this also on O'Reilly, she tried it with the XNJB program. At first I thought she had taken it from our site, but this seems just to be a coincidenceEmbarassed. Great minds think alike!

Check her article here.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 07 January 2007 )
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